What is public data check

Data is all around us, it’s constantly in the news, and today’s technical professions are hardly ever without data flow analysis skills. People who know how to analyze data become very valuable employees. But data is not just about business, there are many publicly available data sets. 

Whatever your purpose, unless of course, they are illegal, publicly available data sets are great for studying and analyzing data. In this article, we’ll talk about the best of them.  

Google Trends Review

Google Trends is one of the largest and most fascinating public data checks. The way it works is that it tracks user search data from around the world and provides us with information about what people are searching for and when it happens. You can start examining and analyzing this data from records dating back to 2004. To start analyzing, all you have to do is enter one or more search queries and click on the “download” button. 

There are many aspects to consider when studying trends, such as location (in the country or the world), time zone differences, and specific types of searches (In the browser itself or YouTube for example). So this statistic will easily give you an idea of what’s popular right now, and on the main page of the program itself, it highlights a few current trends and visualizes them there as well.  

Data.gov.sg Review

The Internet contains many interesting sites that provide publicly available data about the government. There you can find a lot of information and trends that allow you to analyze the system of government and how it has evolved. Within the United States, one of the best is Data.gov. The UK and Australia also have great ones, but Data.gov.sg provides us directly with data on the Singapore government, so why did we choose to include it in our list? 

To be blunt, the Singapore government websites are visually accessible and intuitive. There are small visualizations on the home page that clearly show us the history of the datasets. In addition, it can interest you because of the writing style. The site is very bright and colorful, which certainly arouses interest and encourages the desire to explore all the information provided.

Pew Internet Review

The main purpose of this website is to collect and analyze data from around the world. The site highlights all possible topics in the world: politics, social media, mass media and economics, religion, and demography with its trends. It is good because it is purely factual and does not protect anyone’s interests, but it also provides you with unprocessed data for public access. To access this information, you only need to register briefly and list the Pew Research Center as the source of the data, noting that the site is not responsible for your conclusions based on the data. 

The very function of providing publicly available data to this company is an experiment; the company has become curious how others might use their data and asks you to contact them by email if you have published any material after receiving and analyzing data from their source.