3D modelling

Best 3D modelling software

Having professional 3-D modeling software does not automatically make you a professional, but people who want to improve their skills with more advanced features professional applications can help with that. In this article, we will tell you about the best professional and paid 3-D modeling applications that will help you to improve your skills in more progressive work.   

Maya Software Review

The list of the best maya software is in the first place. Its main characteristics are:

  • Unbelievable power
  • A real professional toolset
  • Open services and it will be hard to get used to

 Any 3D artist will tell you that Maya is one of the leading web design applications. This app is used by many professional animation studios such as Pixar. This explains why its interface is so complicated and confusing, if you decide to master this program then your way will be difficult and confusing, but from that and interesting. We recommend that you take up learning the program only if you already have considerable experience in 3-D modeling, newcomers will not be able to grasp its essence.   

Houdini Review

Houdini is another great 3D modeling tool that also has a free version. 

Main features: 

  • Paid version will cost $199 per month
  • Leader in the software industry
  • Great compatibility with many plugins
  • The program has excellent methods for learning to use 

Houdini is as widely used as Maya by 3D designers. Its procedural approach is based on nodes, so it creates impressive effects and gives artists a high level of flexibility, power, and control. But the complexity of creating the program itself also means that it will not be easy to use. This should not frustrate true professionals, because it’s a great way to grow in capability, master a high-quality program and enjoy the result of diligent work. 

And the fact that the program allows using a free version means that even students can afford to practice with professional tools.

Cinema 4D Review

An excellent program that is suitable for beginners professionals.

The main features: 

  • Short-term license option
  • Long term licenses are available
  • Small learning curve

If you are a 3D artist and you have enough money to buy it, we would recommend that you invest it in Cinemas4D. This application is great for creating moving graphics and boasts its collaboration with Adobe After Effects. The software also contains an extensive library of useful video tutorials, which includes an excellent list of tutorials to help you quickly go from novice to professional. You can safely say that this is one of the highest quality 3D modeling programs for beginners. 

But we must warn you that you will need a lot of money to buy a lifetime license, so we advise you to start with the trial version which gives you 42 days of free usage. Cinema4D also offers student licenses at a discounted price.