How much data does Spotify use

Everyone probably knows the feeling when you like a song so much that you repeat it until you get bored with it. But few people realize that it wastes both your emotional energy and your mobile data. When and how you become emotionally exhausted is up to you and your psychological health, but Spotify’s data consumption is much simpler. In this article, we take a look at how much mobile data Spotify uses.

How much data does Spotify use per hour?

To properly understand how much data does spotify uses, you first need to remember what quality of your playback you have set. If it is set to standard mode, the app will “eat” about 43 megabytes per hour. The approximate KB/s that streaming data service provides you with depends on the quality of your audio. Accordingly, Spotify will burn more megabytes if the sound quality of your songs is higher and vice versa. Thus: 

  • If your sound quality is low the application only uses 24 kbps
  • Normal quality will cost 96 Kbps
  • High quality consumes more and will cost you 160 Kbps
  • The high quality uses the most resources and the app uses 320 kbit/s

If you want to switch to a particular quality level it can be changed both on your PC and on your mobile device and tablet. In case you own an official web player, the free version of Spotify will use 128 kbps and the premium version will charge you 256 kbps. 

Also, note that all podcasts have a maximum data consumption rate of 96 Kbps and unfortunately you cannot change it (this applies only to cell phones and tablets).

How much data is used to download on Spotify?

Spotify Premium owners get to download songs and podcasts to listen to offline or on the go. If you are not connected to any Wi-Fi or mobile Internet, the program will wait for a connection to download the files. If the Internet is disconnected, you will be able to know how much data the app will use to download songs or entire albums. 

Again, this all depends on your audio quality level. The number of kilobytes per second remains the same for both data transfers and downloads. 

Also, note that when uploading podcasts, your data will always be used at the normal quality level unless you choose to lower it. 

Also, note that the amount of data used to download an album also depends on the number of minutes. If the album consists of 30 minutes, the consumption will be one, but if it is higher, the consumption will also be higher. Thus:

    • A low-quality song download is 540 KB, and an album of 30 minutes is 5.4 MB
    • In normal mode, the song is 2.16 MB, and the album is 21.6 MB
    • With high mode, the consumption per song in three minutes will be 3.6 MB, and per album – 36 MB
    • And at very high, songs will cost 7.2 MB, and an album download will cost 72 MB